Online shopping with Eastern Beavers is a good experience for our customers. Our clients enjoy the opportunity to easily buy various products to fulfill the design requirements of their homes as we categorize our products into sections like Kids’ Room, Bedroom, Work Room, Garden, etc. Furthermore, our online shop offers exclusive Buy Now offers on various wooden building materials and design elements! Whichever category you shop from, you can enjoy top quality products at the best prices! Shopping with our e-shop is easy and secure. Clients can choose to purchase via bank card payments or PayPal.



  This section of our unique business model is intended for the private client sector, comprised of clients who own houses and want to change their home’s design in order to make their interiors more efficient in terms of temperature and space. We are proud to offer a lot of options so homeowners can easily choose from various designs when it comes to purchasing doors, kitchens, built-in wardrobes, aluminum railings, wooden windows, terrace solutions, and much more. We also provide wooden materials of any size and type according to our customers’ custom needs.



  The business client section is made for business clients such as distributors, construction companies, and facility managers. We allow our business clients the opportunity to easily order goods from a wide range of products including products that can make houses and other buildings more efficient in terms of design, space, and temperature. This vast range also includes different doors, aluminum railings, glass railings, sliding doors, wall systems, windows, wooden design elements, and diverse wooden materials. We are happy to offer our business clients a flexible discount system that helps reduce their cost according to the size of their order or project.



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