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Eastern Beavers | About Us

Welcome to Eastern Beavers, a company committed to establishing a business model in Europe that would benefit consumers in terms of affordability. We accomplish this by saving costs on energy and human resources that are used in the process of production to purchase. This way, the manufacturers’ don’t get any cuts in profit but consumers enjoy affordability.

Our Objectives

  • To make top quality products affordable

  • To establish a well-organized system between European countries in terms of business and finance

  • To improve the quality of life for many

  • To invest in children’s educational charity by directly addressing their educational needs such as funding children who would like to gain higher education

  • To invest in ecological development, especially forest replanting

Our Vision

The vision of our company is focused on the betterment of Europe and the financial environment of European countries. We especially want to serve the middle and lower class, enabling them to purchase high quality products at low prices. In doing so, we guarantee more sales for manufacturers and provide affordability to all.

How We Utilize Efficiency to Make Products Affordable

We make business processes more efficient in terms of transactions, warehousing, deliveries, etc. We target anything that can reduce energy or resource required to get to the consumer. This way, with reduced labor, charges, and resources utilized, the end product can be more affordable for the buyers.

We primarily work with companies who employ their own labor in the EU region and have their manufacturing processes in the borders of Schengen. This helps us establish stronger trade links between European countries and ensure that the product is manufactured in a top quality manner and delivered on time.

Alongside this, we hope to target all the processes involved in trade and business to make products more affordable than ever.

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