Wood Pellets



   Wood pellets are the most common type of pellet fuel and are generally made from compacted sawdust  and related industrial wastes from the manufacture of wood products and furniture, and wooden products.

   Wood pellets are the type of biomass fuel, which allows using captured solar energy for heating. That is renewable and environmentally
friendly fuel and we offer high-quality wood pellets from the chips of freshly sawn softwood saw logs left over in the production of windows, doors and other products.

   Pellets are packed on wooden pallets using a special automated packaging and wrapping technology that protects pellets against adverse weather eects (rain, snow, UV rays, etc.) and allows storage of the product outdoors. We offer the opportunity to pack bags of pellets on the wooden pallet in different combinations.


Packaging Options:

  • 6 mm wood pellets, packed on wooden pallets in 15 kg bags, 0.96 tonnes per pallet;
  • 8 mm wood pellets, packed on wooden pallets in 16 kg bags, 0.96 tonnes per pallet;
  • Big Bags or soft containers, suitable for transportation and storage of bulky cargo;
  • Packing solutions adapted to the customer's needs (number of packages on pallets, packing in bags of the customer's design, etc.);
  • Pellets can be packed on FIN wooden pallets (100x120) and EUR-pallets (80x120).


Size: 6 mm and 8 mm pellets;
Material: pure wood (without additives and bark) for production;
Mechanical durability:  98 %;
Moisture content:  10 %;
Length: 3,15  L  40 mm;
Ash:  0,7 %;
Produce from: softwood (spruce and pine);
Bulk density: 600  BD  750 Kg/m;
Fines: (<3,15 mm)  1 %;
Net calorific value: 16,5  Q  19 MJ/Kg;


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