If you are looking for a place for your employees, guests, or even for your personal needs then Amanda, an economical and fully completed modular house is the best option. It’s a low-cost mobile studio apartment with all the necessary installations and equipment ensuring a perfect living environment. Amanda could easily be located and installed without the need for the foundation and it has specically designed components for easy relocation when it is necessary. It has a comfortable and pleasant design, enough space for at least one person, and an eco-friendly environment.

The main advantages of the product are:
• Easy portable solution because of the built-in metal frame with sticking points specifically designed for the transportation ropes ensuring additional rigidity during the relocation process.
• Eco-friendly module that retains heat in winter and stays cool during the summer
• It is manufactured from eco-friendly materials and designed to provide enough space for storage and ensure comfortable living conditions.


Dimensions: 6.8x2.99x3.10m Ceiling height: 2.50m

• Carrier legs are made of angles L-prole 100x100mm, special prole thickness 8mm. The frame is made of wood 50x200mm (impregnated)
• External finish: wooden trim boards 25mm. RAL on choice. And decorative metal elements (0.5mm)
• The roof is flat, waterproof OSB3 22mm, PVC membrane. The snow load is 350 (kg/m2). Roof covering is bituminous waterproong material “Bipol standard 4.5”. Roof beams are wooden 45x220mm
• Wall: hydro barrier, non-flammable basalt wool 200 mm (Isover KL35). Inner side: waterproof OSB3 10mm and natural wood breboard 120mm (white) with sound and thermal insulation (interior 51). U= 0.25 (W/m2K)                                                                                                      • Interior partitions are made of U 50 profile and filled with 50 ECOSE. Internal finish – natural wood fibreboard 120 mm (white) with sound and thermal insulation (interior 51)
• Ceiling: mineral wool 200 mm, OSB3 10 mm, natural wood breboard 120 mm (white) with sound and thermal insulation (interior 51). U=0.25 (W/m2K)
• Floor: metal sheet 0.5mm, basalt wool 200 mm, vapor barrier film, OSB 22mm, in the bathroom DSP 20mm. Covered with linoleum (household, color – grey crumb), perimeter wooden skirting (color – white). U=0.16 (W/m2K). The load on the floor is 200 (kg/m2)
• Windows of PVC, double glasses: window 1130x1000mm (one-winged, swing-out) – 1 pc. U=1.22 (W/m2K)
• Doors: wooden door (fireproof ) 900x2000mm – 1pc. Door between rooms 700x2000mm (handle, lock, trim)- 1 pc.. Door between rooms 600x2000mm (handle, lock, trim) – 1pc.
• The electrical wiring of the power socket groups is hidden, made in a corrugated PVC sleeve (rated for mains voltage 230/240 V):
• Cable to the power socket group – copper wire with double insulation 3x2.5mm2
• Cable for lighting – copper wire with double insulation 2x1.5mm2



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