Eco Life


A perfectly designed modular house that could be located in any place you desire without the need for a foundation. It’s like a low-cost mobile studio or one-bedroom apartment with all the necessary installations and equipment providing a perfect living environment. This eco-friendly home offers a comfortable, pleasant design and enough space for at least two people. It is a great opportunity for an apartment complex, hotel, holiday site, and a lot of other constructions by simply combing and arranging modular blocks together. There are a lot of options to upgrade ECOLIFE based on your needs and desires as it offers various already developed sub-designs and wide possibilities to adapt the product by customizing the floor plan. ECOLIFE is the best option in such cases:

• Easy portable solution, because of the built-in metal frame with sticking point specifically designed for the transportation ropes ensuring additional rigidity during the relocation process
• Eco – friendly module that retains heat in winter and stays cool during the summer
• Living space with high-quality domestic appliances and building materials
• It is manufactured from eco-friendly materials and designed to provide enough space for storage and ensure comfortable living conditions.

Dimensions: 13.4x2.99x3.10m
Ceiling height: 2.50m

- Boiler
- Shower
- Toilet bowl Roca or Gustavberg
- Cabinet with basin
- Kitchen Furniture
- Induction surface Bosch
- Oven Bosch
- Basin Franke
- Refrigerator Bosch
- Table with 3 chairs
- Wardrobe and furniture
- Washing machine Bosch
- Dryer Bosch
- Double bed
- Two single beds
- Wardrobe
- TV Samsung 40



Dimensions: 13.4x2.99x3.10 m  Ceiling height: 2.50 m

• Support legs are made of angle L – shaped profile 100x100mm, special profile thickness 8mm. The frame is made of wood, which is mounted on a metal frame structure for additional strength 50x200mm (impregnated)
• External finish: wooden trim boards 25mm. RAL on choice. And decorative metal elements (0.5mm)
• The roof is flat, waterproof OSB3 22mm, PVC membrane. The snow load is 350 (kg/m2). Roof covering is bituminous waterproofing material “Bipol standard 4.5”. Roof beams are wooden 45x220mm
• Wall: hydro barrier, non-flammable basalt wool 200 mm (Isover KL35). Inner side: waterproof OSB3 10mm and natural wood fibreboard 120mm (white) with sound and thermal insulation (interior 51). U= 0.25 (W/m2K)
• Interior partitions are made of U 50 profile and filled with 50 ECOSE. Internal finish – natural wood fibreboard 120 mm (white) with sound and thermal insulation (interior 51)
• Ceiling: mineral wool 200 mm, OSB3 10 mm, natural wood fibreboard 120 mm (white) with sound and thermal insulation (interior 51). U=0.25 (W/m2K)
• Floor: metal sheet 0.5mm, basalt wool 200 mm, vapor barrier film, OSB 22mm, in the bathroom DSP 20mm. Covered with linoleum (household, color – grey crumb), perimeter wooden skirting (color – white). U=0.16 (W/m2K). The load on the floor is 200 (kg/m2)
• Windows of PVC, double glasses: window 1130x1000mm (one-winged, swingout) – 1 pc. U=1.22 (W/m2K)
• Doors: PVC glass doors system – 2 pc. Door between rooms 700x2000mm (handle, lock, trim) - 1 pc.. Door between rooms 600x2000mm (handle, lock, trim) – 1pc.
• The electrical wiring of the power socket groups is hidden, made in a corrugated PVC sleeve (rated for mains voltage 230/240 V)



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