Aluminium railings

   Aluminium railing system is a modern and advanced solution to balcony, loggia and terrace enclosures. The material is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, and therefore railings can be installed inside or outside. Surface treatment of aluminium railings (silver anodising n20 or powder coating) provides complete protection against minor mechanical damages and the impact of different conditions.


   Railing construction consists of aluminium profiles which are light, durable and ecological material. A wide choice of profile combinations allows adjusting the railing construction to any situation.


    Glass and HPL panels are used as railing infill material. Glass panels are common and modern railing element. Glass adds a sense of lightness to the construction and it is easy to maintain.


    Stainless steel (grade A4) fittings (screws, nuts, rivets, etc.) are used to connect joints and components. All materials conform to the resistance classes according to the relevant documentation.



We offer standar aluminium railings with silver anodized surface treatment (Na20).


RAL standard colour of components (RAL 9006).


RAL standard colour of railings (RAL 8019).


The rest of the RAL colours are available for orders.


Types of aluminium railings










Railing constructions with horizontal or vertical balusters and infill panels are intended for terraces, balconies and staircase as well.


Stair railing with transformable segment and a second rail. Handrail for top glazing.





Types of handrails



                oval handrail                                      oval handrail for panel                                handrail tube D40                                      F type


Types of infills



     Mod. AL.01         Mod. AL.08        Mod. AL.09           Mod. AL.11        Mod. AL.02, 03   Mod. AL.05, 06, 07       Mod. AL.10              Mod. AL.12      


Fittings for base unit



                  Top mounting                                                     Side mounting                                               Side mounting at distance




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